Saturday, November 9, 2013

Break for Beading Class

While I was meeting with my craft coach a couple weeks ago, we wondered into the White Rabbit Beads shop in Old Colorado to find red beads to use for eyes for the bats she was needle felting.

There was a bracelet in the store that caught our eye and the owner told us she was giving a class on how to make them.

So we signed up for the class and another of my co-workers joined us. It was a fun evening of playing with beads and incorporated sewing skills so it was not too far out of the range of things I know how to do.

The one pictured is not quite finished and is meant for my mom's birthday next week. I have to get going on the last 40 beads (bracelet takes 250 beads (4mm) and makes up to about 30 inches long to wrap 4-5 times around your wrist).

Happy crafting to all!

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