Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In my absence, I started a beginners quilting class. It is done in three parts and I completed the first one in January. It was very interesting and I learned lots of helpful things.

My next class is in May and hope to finish in June. One of the things I had to work around is my continuing knitting classes that I do two weekends a month. Once we figured that out it is working well.

In the meantime, I have been practicing the skills I learned with my many sewing projects that will be gifts for the knitting retreat I put on each year. I cannot show you the pictures of these items until May so watch for the big reveal then.

Some of the skills I learned are how to match up the seams to make nice points, and how to do triangle blocks, that alone is ingenius. The picture here is a table runner that I will complete and take to my office later this year.

Don't worry, my knitting has not suffered too much. I do that for portable projects and evening with TV. It is much harder to sew and watch TV I have learned.

I hope everyone is having a great crafting year so far~!

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