Friday, August 31, 2012

Test Knit - Team Colors

Another hat pattern that I tried is The Big Easy and I knit it out of the new Red Heart Team Colors worsted. I used the purple/gold colorway. I understand that is Lakers, LSU and the Vikings, there may be more that I have not heard mentioned yet.

The pattern is great, the yarn not so much. This version of acrylic is back that crunchy feel, may be the over dyeing that they have to do to get the richer colors, not sure, but not fun to knit with for me. I will be using this pattern for some Malabrigo Rios that I just got and expect a much better finished project from it.

This hat was a fun knit and proved very portable when I took it to Employee Appreciation Day and had it nearly finished by afternoon. Happy Knitting to All~!

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