Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camp Loopy 3 - Frogged and Failed

As you may of noticed, I have been off the map for a few, okay, several days. I think that all the stress of the last 6 weeks has finally caught up with me and I lost my mojo. I am working on regaining my motivation, hopefully it will come back with the cooler weather.

In the period however I did not finish my last camp project. I ended up restarting it twice and was still not pleased with how it was knitting up. And I knew I did not have time to find another pattern to use the yarn in, so I decided to frog it and call it good enough for this summer.

I really like the virtual camp, guess this year was too chaotic to keep focused on knitting. I will repurpose the yarn into something else later. I hope everyone had a great time at camp this year and we will see what Sheri comes up with for next year.

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Robin said...

Sorry about your project- The yarn looks lovely and will let you know what it wants to be soon. I loved camp this year. Last year I didn't finish everything but this year I did and I made lots of friends. Hope your Mojo comes back soon.