Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Brings the Re-Organization of Knitting Projects

It is that time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is cooling and every talking head is remarking on the Christmans countdown. Today's count, just so you know, is 82 days.

For me, that creates a fast reorganization of the projects on my needles because I knit a lot of gifts, and this year is no different. So, from now until about December 20th, most everything will  be unbloggable until they are received.

Since that means a lot of use of the word "secret" and no pictures to share, I have decided this year to be working on at least one "public" project that I share as I go through the next two months. It seems only fair.

Currently, these "public" projects will include a couple UFOs that I am determined to complete so I can use them this fall. The first in this category is the KnitOneBelow Reversible Vest that I started for myself this spring. It is almost to the armhole. I am going to use it to demonstrate the technique to my senior class this month because they want to start the scarf pattern.

Another UFO that I plan to complete is the Twined Cowl. I think I am at the halfway point and given another weekend afternoon of just knitting I bet I can finish it to wear on the first, really cold day that arrives toward the end of the month.

What I try to have at all times is one project to work on in the car and one to work on at home. This keeps it fresh and I rarely get bored with the project I am working on. I hope everyone is having a great start into Fall~!

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