Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cowl and Handwarmer Set

I have been working on a cowl and handwarmer set for my dad. It is that time of year when he really starts to notice that it is not as warm as he would like it. I have knit this set out of a color that my mother can easily find in the house if they get mislaid.

I used the Cowl'd and Frosty cowl pattern by Kelly Herdich. It is written for chunky weight yarn and I retrofit it for worsted weight. I cast on 83 stitches on a size 8US on 16-inch circular. I knit the pattern as called for, two reps of rows 1-15 and one more rep of rows 1-4,  and ended up with a finished size of 20 by 6 inches. It fits beautifully and works well for men or women. I can make a case for doing three reps of rows 1-15 for a longer finished width. May do that on one for me soon. Also, if you want to do a looser drape on the worsted, try a size 9US needle and see what you get.

To finish up the set, I knit a pair of handwarmers using the Charmed Knits mitten pattern as a guide. For dad, I knit the small size and bound off the thumb gusset stitches instead of adding more rows to come up the thumb. I think they look great and give you lots of flexibility while keeping your hands warm.

All in all, a great knit and a fast gift item. Everyone can use them~!

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