Sunday, October 5, 2008

Victory Alpaca Ranch = From Fleece to Finish

Today I woke up to rain and grey in Arroyo Seco. Had breakfast at the Taos Cow just up the road from the Snowmansion Hostel. Food and coffee were great. When I come to New Mexico I am looking for New Mexican breakfasts. I have to say my favorite was from Dori's in Taos many years ago when they were still in business. It was a pile of hash browns smothered in green chili, cheese and topped with two eggs your style. Yummy!

I met CatWithCats at her hotel in Taos and we caravaned over the pass to Angel Fire, left a car there and teamed up to drive the 30-some miles south to Mora and the Victory Alpaca Ranch. The information says it is the largest fiber farm of its type in the southwest at 1100 acres and over 200 animals.

I have to say that I could have stayed right there, happy to work hard for food, board and fiber. What a beautiful place. We got there before they opened the gate to visitors and just sat and took in the view.

Once in the gate we stopped first at the pen with what looked to be the youngest members of the herd. Found out later that the youngest one in there was six days old. As Cat commented: they are so little, they don't look real. We also met the barn cats and commented how small all the cats that we have seen in New Mexico are so small compared to our large felines.

Finally went into the ranch store and discovered that they know how to do retail as well. It was tough not to say "charge it!" They offer everything from fiber from their own animals, labeled with the name of the donor so you know which one to thank when you go on the tour, to finished products for all ages, plus really cute and cuddly stuffed versions of baby alpacas.

We got to see the gals responsible for Shear Spirit before they were off for one more day of book-signing at the Festival. They had been signing all the books in the store, drinking coffee and eating scones. Nice way to start your day.

And then we got to go out to the "kindergarten" pen and feed the critters. It was lots of fun. As Cat discovered, it was quite a crowd that gathered to munch on feed.

We reluctantly left the ranch and drove north to pick up the other car and have lunch in Angel Fire. Then it was run for home and back to our respective lives. On the way, we got to see the buffalo herd at the Vermejo Ranch owned by Ted Turner, antelope everywhere and drier with blue sky weather.

I hope everyone had fun experiences this weekend.

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Cathy R said...

What a great photo of Terra at the top. I agree that it would be a wonderful place to live and work.

Maybe after retirement. Hee Hee.