Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday: A Day of Thank You's

First, a big thank you to my mom for sending the great photo she took in her yard. Isn't he a beauty?

Next, a warm thank tou to my friend in Michigan for recommending Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky. I was able to get it from my library in audio format and listen to it during my daily commute. It was excellent with some surprise twists that were very satisfying. :-)

For my fellow knitters, family and friends a large thank you for all your kind words and encouragement during my Ravelympics endeavor. And to my LYS for hosting a parallel Olypmic event complete with prizes.

And to whoever forwarded me the Read It Forward newsletter from Random House. If you are an avid reader you need to go over and look at this opportunity. I just received my first ARC (advanced reader copy) in the mail and it is a really good book. Will share more particulars at a later time.

And to my co-worker who shared her Veggie Tales Silly Songs DVD with me. I really needed that giggle.

And a grateful thank you to the weather gods for providing a brief respite from the 90+ degree days that seemed to go on forever. I am looking forward to fall colors and crisp air.

I hope all of you have found many things to say Thank You for recently!

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