Friday, January 26, 2007

Knitter's Gathering Rocks!

I went to my first knitting club meeting last night and met some wonderful ladies. They are a diversified group with a wide-variety of skills and backgrounds. It was really fun sitting in the B&N coffee shop, knitting, drinking chai and coffee, swapping pattern ideas and stories, sharing information about great knitting shops and online sites.

My favorite story of the night was about the woman who knit a doll anytime she was mad at her husband. After a long life and marriage she is on her death bed, realizes she will go before him and asks him to bring her the shoebox that for years she has forbade him to look in. He does as she requests and she has him open it. In the box are two dolls and $95,000. She tells him the story about how she always knit a doll when she was mad at him and he starts to smile, holding up the two dolls. Then he asks about the money and she tells him it is what she earned selling the dolls.
So for those of you with men in your lives…knit dolls.
All in all it was a much better evening than sitting at home watching inane network reruns or that incredibly over-valued American Idol.

For now – have a fabulous Friday.
Find your passion and live it!

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