Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Knit Knot

My mother reminded me the other day that my new love for knitting was being subconciously created in me when I was a kid by my grandmother.
Oh yeah, Grandma did try to teach me to knit when I was about 8 or 9. By that time I was sewing by hand and on the machine and I was crocheting. I had those two crafts learned fairly well by then. So the next step was knitting. I was in awe of her skills with the needles. She knitted sweaters with pictures on them and I thought that was really cool.
Even with the other handcraft skills, knitting eluded me. I could not get the hang of two needles, keep the thread on them and wrap thread hither and yon in some fashion to create even a couple of rows that became a knotted mess. I would cry because I was so frustrated and finally just gave up.
She tried frequently over the years to get me to try again but I was stubborn.
So now, just because I read a book that mentioned a ruana and I had to have one for myself, I am knitting.
Mom said Grandma is rolling over laughing about this outcome. I think I agree. It must tickle her to realize I finally got it. And without as many tears and foot stomping.
While she giggles about that I will remind the family of the giggles we had at her expense one early morning in Oregon. As I remember it, the moment involved a tin can, a steep slope, an incoming sea breeze and my two grown brothers in hot pursuit at sunrise.
Hope you are chasing your passion today.


Jaxine Daniels said...

Hey girl,
Can't imagine you ever being stubborn. That must have been something you outgrew :)

Okay, so I had to know what a ruana is, and now that I know, I have to have one.

Talk to me about ruana patterns. :o


Esther said...

Hey Donna, I read your stories and I really enjoyed them. How great to hear about how you are doing and what you like to do. I'm glad your mom is still around and that you have all that family history (recipes, knitting memories, etc.). I recall our time at Red Rocks (is that the name), whitewater rafting, and visiting your family back in around '83...hope to see you sooner than that!

I now live in your old home state, Maryland, by the way...come on out for a visit if you can!

Love, Esther