Saturday, January 4, 2014

How Do You Get Your Sewing Mojo Back?

My answer is - a little bit at a time. And with some cleaning and organizing. Once I got my cutting table back in shape I was ready to review what I had to work with.
First up was creating some scrappy mug mats out of leftover pieces from zippy pouches I had made over the last few months. They just needed some binding.

None of them match but they will make really cute gifts that can be mailed in a card for just because.

Then I found a free pattern for reversible cowls out of polar fleece and just happened to have some pieces to work with. Love the buffalo check look, now if I can just find some in purple and green.

I have some other projects cut out and laying on the sewing table for tomorrow.

Tonight I will go back to knitting on the shawl I am finishing for mom. Knitting goes good with movies and football.

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