Sunday, September 22, 2013

Exploring Ideas for a Simpler Life

As some of you may have noticed there is a new section in the blogs that I read on the left hand side of the blog screen. I have titled this section Inspiration for Living More Simply. I have added the first group of the ones I have found the most interesting and informative. 

Cat's Meow - in a recent guest post, someone outlines how the keep their wardrobe to the basic minimums. I will be taking some of these suggestions into my closet in the next week or so as I do my seasonal changeout.

Tiny House blog - goes into how to live in a smaller space, get efficiencies and even how to build your own. Lots of good ideas.

Zen Habits - addresses everything from decluttering to meditation to becoming an entrepreneur. Lots of good stuff to read here.

Be More With Less - is about "life on purpose". She reviews all things related to getting out of debt to mindful purchases to simpler meals.

My Simpler Life - she offers a due clutter calendar to help keep you on track.

Rowdy Kittens - her motto is go small, think big and be happy. She has written a couple of books, available for a small price that have lots of good ideas in them. And she takes beautiful pictures, well worth a look.

My plan is to look for a few more good blogs on this subject and add them to the list next month.
Until then, be open to all the ideas coming your way,one of them is going to be a winner.
I have others on my list to investigate. I have found in my years of blogging that if I put a blog in the roll I will read it more often because I see it.

My plan is to post once a week progress in my progress towards a more simpler lifestyle.

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