Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mindful Monday: Getting Caught Up

I spent my holiday Monday cleaning and sorting my stash and setting up some future projects.

Also I reviewed my UFO projects that need to be worked into the knitting schedule. I have a couple that I really want to finish this year so I can wear them.

Progress on the baby sweater that needs to be gifted next month is at the halfway mark. (more on this project when it can be photoed). It is fun to have an opportunity to knit for a future little one.

Progress on the gift hat for CatWithCats is past the halfway mark. I hope to have it done and blocked this week.

I found the jewelry hardware and beads to make the Soutache necklace (from the Creative Knitting magazine last month) and bracelet that I want to test out of some leftover sock yarn when I have the time.

And, while I was waiting for the folks to stop by, I started a headband called Poems Easy Headband from the 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. I used up some leftovers in brown and purple, and ended up with three headbands by the end of the day. They are fast and easy and fun to wear.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a holiday Monday. I hope everyone is grateful for the four-day week ahead~!


Cathy R said...

Squee!! Gift hat!!! You are totally the best!!

Love the photo in today's post - is that mohair?

Charicola said...

Hi Donna! I was wondering if it was possible to get your gnome hat pattern as a download? It looks exactly like what I was looking for in a gnome hat for my 2 year old. I saw that it was listed as a free download on ravelry, but there doesn't seem to be a link to access. The button on your blog just returns the searcher to the ravelry pattern listing again. Thankful for any hel pin this that you might be able to give me! =0)