Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prepare to Be Surprised

My office mates and I spent an early May Friday at the Spinney Reservoir learning to fly fish. We lucked into the fat trout that were cruising the end of the reservoir near the dam and were willing to taste test anything that came their way, so we saw lots of rod bending. However casting into the wind was not an art form, like we wanted to learn, but an exercise in sheer will to get the fly into the water. We caught lots of fish (threw them all back) and had lots of fun despite the cold wind that blew off the still fully snow covered mountains to our west. Sorry, I did not take my camera that day so have no picture testimonials.

Have to say thanks to the guides that went with us from Peak Fly Shop in Woodland Park. They knew just where to go to get fish on our hooks. They offer lessons, equipment and there is lots of information on their website regarding stream flows, etc.

After my day at the lake, I met up with my folks at the RV park in Lake George and attended the annual Lake George Library's dinner and play. This year's performance was an Irish Wake, complete with corned beef and cabbage dinner, and a brilliantly dressed leprechaun. All the players are local and the play was written by the cast. It was wonderful. We met folks from the area and it is considered one of the social events of the season. We have plans to check it out again next year on Mother's Day weekend. They have a different play each year and it is accompanied with the themed dinner.

The next morning I woke up to a pictorial reminder that just because the calendar says it should be nearly summer, Mother Nature knows different. The dusting of white stuff was mostly melted by 10 a.m.

Hope you are experiencing spring is some surprising ways!

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