Wednesday, November 19, 2014

And in Knitting - Handwarmers for Many

A few days of cold weather brings out those who usually give handknitting only a cursory glance.

So now I have several sets to make. I wear mine over those magic gloves you can buy for $2. And this year I found the touch screen version for $2 as well. They come in very handy when I am sitting in the car warming it up and want to read on my iPad.

This version of handwarmer is from the pattern Malabrigo Thingie and are being knit out of I Love This Yarn, a soft acrylic which makes them more easily washed and dried.

I like these types of projects because the pattern is easily memorized and it is portable. I can do it at lunch, watching TV and can have a pair done usually in a day or two if I really work at it.

So, on to knitting to keep hands warm. I hope everyone is finding a way to see the silver lining in this cold snap~!

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