Monday, October 28, 2013

MIA - have returned

It looks like I have been missing for nearly a month. I was not stolen by aliens or picked up as a prize for a sheik, or run over by a herd of reindeer, just been so busy my eyeballs hurt.


I have worked on zippies. And I have worked on free motion for fall mug rugs. There was lots of decluttering and sorting and reducing of all manner of things in my household. At one point Pedro was afraid he might be next, I told him NEVER!

And I have either taught or hosted or took a class every Saturday for the last two months. And this is all in my non-working time.

The monster mat is a tray liner for mom to use to serve dad his meals. I thought she could use something bright and fun to make her smile.

All and all it has been a fun fall. I am looking forward to the Thanksgiving break.

I will try to do better blogging. It is nice to have it portable.


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