Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Break From Knitting Means Another Fabric Craft

Today I created a Festive Fabric Garland from a pattern procured from a magazine, fabric pieces provided by a friend, ribbon from final holiday sales, twine and a teeny tree from the hardware store.

Another friend is crocheting a tree skirt to go around the bottom and it will serve as a landing zone for my Xmas ducks.

I will be knitting some teeny mittens and hat from a free pattern offered by Morehouse Farm. (If you do not get this newsletter in your inbox, you should).

As you can see, Pedro could not help but be fascinated in my project. The next step is to try to keep him from knocking it over. Hopefully the threat of coal flavored catnip toys will be enough, or not. Really, he leaves things alone when I am not home.

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